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classification ballet heels – balletboots

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Generally I would suggest the following classification of these extreme high heels with following pictures to make a better overview :
Ballet Boot (ankle high, knee high or overknee/thigh high)

see through latex hobble dress corset ankle high balletboots outdoor

Ballet Heel (court shoe with a ballet heel)
red balletheels walking outdoor

these following heels are called very often ballet heels too but in my opinion the main feature of a balletheel is the position of the feet; shoe forcing the wearer to walk on ones toes (en pointe)- while here it is more a like walking on *tiptoes* – so we might speak about extreme or ultra high heels here.  Note here: this shoe has also a small wooden platform but as the difference is still over 6 inch making the shoe very extreme, it counts to the ultra high heels as well.

extreme steel heel wood platform ponyheel

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